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Our mission is to create a positive and motivating experience for our clients, moving them closer to optimal levels of health, and physical fitness. We specialize in physical transformation through balanced nutrition and physical training practices. Jensen Fitness cares deeply for our clients and pride ourselves on timely and personal service.

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Monthly Online Training & Nutrition Coaching with Jensen Fitness

Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching includes a Progressive Training Program, Flexible Meal Plan, Supplement. . .

12 Week Online Training and Nutrition Coaching with Jensen Fitness

Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching includes a Progressive Training Program, Flexible Meal Plan, Supplement. . .

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Success Stories

Michelle - 32 Week - 50 Pound Transformation!

Prior to Michelle’s 50 pound weight loss, she was finding that it embarrassing to go to work and go out in public. She began avoiding events and meeting up with friends, because she didn’t want people to see how she looked. Everything changed when she saw an advertisement on her Facebook feed about Jensen Fitness. She found inspiration from pictures of Christine and stories of other people who had trained with Jensen.

“This experience was awesome! It was the absolute best decision I’ve ever made”

Audra - Taking her fitness to the next level

Audra was in great shape but was wanting to take her fitness to the next level, without sacrificing more time with friends and family. Before starting the 10 week challenge with Jensen Fitness Audra found that she was too dedicated to the gym. Working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week she found that not only was she not giving her body time to rest and recover, but her social and family life were also being affected.

“My inspiration to change was seeing my friends enjoy fitness, while still having time for their friends and family”

Krysta - 22 Pounds and 28 Inches in 10 weeks!

Krysta had always struggled with her weight as far back as she could remember. Being almost 30 and having fought with her weight and never accomplishing anything with it. With a recent diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis and a significant change in her energy levels, she knew she wanted something different for herself.

"I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to work with them to jump on board.”

Lisa - 10 Week - 22 Pounds Transformation!

Busy mom’s know how challenging finding balance can be when it comes to kids and maintaining a fitness routine. Lisa is a mom of two young children and was discovering that she was always tired, and had no energy for her busy 2 and 4 year olds. Lisa’s “Ah-Ha” moment was when she had two different women approach her over a short period of time and ask her if she was expecting her third child.

“Shayne and Christine have the knowledge, commitment, and emotional investment.”

Tracy - This mother rocked her 10 weeks!

Tracy is a busy mother of two who loves to keep busy and stay active by being outdoors and hitting up the gym on a regular basis. She had lost some weight through daily fitness classes, but soon discovered that she had hit a plateau. Tracy was finding it difficult to further improve her body due to managing a busy household, family activities and her job.

“I love setting goals for myself, now I’m ready for a change and a new challenge.”

Cobi - Busy mom of two young children

Having little fitness experience and a busy schedule, Cobi found it challenging to eat right and exercise. By teaming up with Jensen Fitness, she received nutritional advice, meal planning skills, and a workout schedule that was fun and easy for her to use.

“Training with Jensen Fitness will make people the best version of themselves.”

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