Competition Season

Competition Season

Competition Season

  • by Christine Jensen
  • March 3, 2015

The month of March means spring is around the corner, its also that time of year again for competition/prep season to begin for many competitors. Most federations start their first shows in May and end the season in November. Some of these federations include, ABBA, IDFA, NPAA, INBF, WBFF and the CBBF.  If you are thinking about competing and looking for a coach do not leave it unitl last minute. My advice is to do your research.  

There are alot of coaches out there that over diet and starve their clients. This can lead to metabolic damage, and weight rebound.  Many coaches also stop dieting their clients and go MIA right after the shows and this is not right. You need to be reversed dieted after a show. Failure to do so can also result in excessive weight gain, depression and even eating disorders. It can take approximatly 12-16 weeks to prepare for a show so expect to slowly add different foods and carbs back into your diet over the same period of time post show, in order to avoid these issues. For more information on show prep I can be contacted at  Happy Training :)  -Christine

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Christine Jensen

Christine Jensen

For Christine Thorne, fitness is a way of life.
Ever since training for her first fitness competition, Christine has fallen in love with not only the body she worked so hard for, but also the incredible changes she noticed in her health and wellbeing. The sensation of strength and clarity became more than just a goal – it transformed into an essential part of life, as vital as air. And once Christine noticed how much better she looked and felt through her path to health, she was inspired to help others feel the same.
Growing up in Leduc, Alberta, Christine got her intro to fitness through sports, at first with taekwondo, track and field, basketball, and soon after, rugby. She was named her rugby team's MVP in grade 9, fostering an adoration for competition and physical activity, and the effects these had on her body and mind.
In her early 20s, Christine tried yoga and a few group fitness classes, but really noticed that weight training lent her the most noticeable improvements in physique and mental focus. The real turning point in her life, though, came in 2010 when Christine moved to Calgary, got her Canfitpro personal training certificate and started preparing for fitness competitions. Since then she has competed in 6 competitions. She placed fourth in her first-ever show and placed second in her fourth competition.
In 2013, Christine and her husband Shayne Jensen launched Jensen Fitness in Calgary with the goal of teaching others what the pair have learned about health and fitness in their journeys, through wholesome nutrition and custom workout plans with their online training programs. The pay off? Seeing clients achieve fitness levels they never dreamed possible before now.


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